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Planet Reference is an independent, innovative, streamlined, Employment Reference Network for HR professionals, Recruiters and Managers across any industry. It allows companies to communicate seamlessly, business to business, completely FREE!

Planet Reference helps businesses to cost effectively, reduce the risk of fraudulent references by eliminating time consuming, expensive systems of email, telephone, post and fax when requesting or providing a reference.

Planet Reference provides a safe, secure, centralised facility to create, request, send, receive and store a range of job references.

Planet Reference can assist with duty of care obligations to both employers and employees in the increasing demand for secure reference verification.

If your business is constantly locked up spending countless hours providing, requesting and verifying references, then Planet Reference could be your solution.

Planet Reference – Recruitment made Easy


Planet Reference is an online, Employment Reference Network. It is a service with allows businesses to communicate directly to send and request a range of references, including employment, education, character, gap, volunteer and job centre references.

The system is unique and also enables users to store, search and create references, swiftly and safely.

Each business that creates a profile is verified by Planet Reference. We personally confirm that each company is genuine, using a series of checks, so that when you send a reference or request a reference, you know that you are dealing with only authentic businesses.

Here is a breakdown of how the system works;

Create a Reference for ex-employees.
We recommend that as soon as an employee leaves your company, that you complete a reference for them on the same day. This means that you will never have to worry about completing another reference for them and the document can be sent, safely and swiftly to anyone that needs it in the future.

Request a Reference for new applicants. Firstly, you can search the system for references that already exist and if you find the reference you need, simply send a request to the company who wrote it, at the click of a button.
If it has not yet been created on our system, you can send a request instantly to the respective company via the Planet Reference contact facility and invite the company to complete one online. It’s that easy.

Store references. A full library of all of your company references is kept on your profile. This can be referred to at any time.

Send references to businesses not yet using the system, using the email address that they provide to you.

Absolutely nothing, the service is free!

If you receive a reference request from another organisation, then NO. The company will already have received confirmation from the applicant that they are able to request it from you.

If you are creating a reference for a current employee or an ex-employee, then YES. We recommend that you ask their permission to create and send references about them, and inform them that the references will be stored on the Planet Reference network.

Sign up is easy.

Firstly, click the ‘Sign up for Free Today’ button on the launch page.
Complete the details of your company and then your personal details. When complete, please take a moment to review your details to ensure that all of the information is correct.
Once you are happy with the form, please click ‘Send’.

Planet Reference administrators will receive your profile request and will aim to verify your account within 24 hours (48 hours for any company outside of the U.K).

Yes, absolutely! We are aware that some larger companies prefer for each of their branches to deal with recruitment individually, so that is why we have added a ‘Branch Name’ field in the sign up form. If your branch does not have a name, then some choose to use their street name (for example, St Ann’s Square branch) or their town name, providing there are no more branches in that particular town.

You can add as many staff as you like to the account.
In fact, it is a really good idea to do this. Anyone who deals with Employment References within your branch should be using Planet Reference.

It was originally created to help reduce the stress that the current referencing systems put upon businesses. Requesting and supplying references across many different media (e.g. via email, post, telephone and fax) can get very confusing and messy, and references can end up taking lots of time to deal with.

Our system helps to reduce that stress. You only ever need to provide one reference for each candidate or ex-employee, and once on the system, they can then be searched for, found, and requested by another business.

As the building of the system progressed, we realised that we could also help to eliminate fake references therefore reducing fraud.

Every single company that signs up to Planet Reference is verified by our staff, before they are allowed onto the network. If we find something that appears to be untrue about the business then we will decline the application. We only want genuine companies using the site and we want to help reduce the use of fake references as much as we can. We do our best to spot fraudulent companies using a range of techniques during our verification process, however we can never fully guarantee that they will all be stopped.

There are many ways:

Some companies choose to give their ex-employees a hardcopy, paper reference.  With technology being so advanced these days, it is very easy for someone to change the details on their hardcopy references to make them look better.  Hardcopy references should soon be a thing of the past (we hope!)

Some people completely bypass the companies and make their own using letterheads found online and typed out using their own computers and printers at home.

We have found companies that make a fortune out of creating fake documentation for people, charging each applicant up to £250/$200 for each reference.

During our research we also found many people on social networking sites openly advertising themselves as a fake referee.

This is what we want to help prevent.  Planet Reference wants workplaces to be safe and secure, filled with honest and suitable staff.

Employee referencing should play a significant part in the recruitment process, but in some cases it can take weeks, causing frustration to both employer and potential employee. Over the years, due to the hassle and time constraints placed on organisations to fill a vacant position, shortcuts can inevitably creep in. Planet Reference can provide a simple, efficient gateway to allow your organisation to complete safe and secure checks for any new employees.

Everything! Our system is completely new, and innovative. We want to streamline the reference system and make it safer, easier and faster to get new employees into work.

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The more businesses that use Planet Reference, the easier it becomes to carry out your employment reference checks safely.

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We welcome any feedback that you may have regarding Planet Reference and we would love to hear any suggestions on how we can improve the site.

To contact a member of the Help Team, please email help@planetreference.com. A response will be sent to you within 48 hours of receipt.

We hope you enjoy using Planet Reference and appreciate your comments.